My Desktop Inspiration

July 13, 2010:

I cannot break this habit of writing! I tried since July 6th but each day I thought of nothing else. Today is the day Dad was wounded in 1944 on Hill 122…

On a side note, I read an arts review of Norman Rockwell in The New York Times this past Sunday. Several of his works from the private collection of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were put on display at the Smithsonian. On a rainy summer day at East Hampton, I would flip through the pages of that Norman Rockwell book – the covers from Boy’s Life. I thought I knew all the works of Rockwell until I read this article about Spielberg and Lucas.

“Mr. Spielberg bought his first Rockwell (in 1981), a stirring painting that was commissioned in 1923 as an advertisement for Underwood Typewriters (I have my classic black one from Aunt Agnes.) It shows a young writer hunched at his cluttered desk as Daniel Boone floats above on puffy clouds, a figure of glamorous virility who provides the boy with both a subject for his literary efforts and a painful reminder of his limitations.

‘I hung the painting over my desk,’ Mr. Spielberg recalled. ‘It was my deblocker. Whenever I hit a wall or couldn’t figure out where a story was going, I just looked up at that painting.’”

Half-eaten apple beside the typewriter – the John Wayne likeness – but before Wayne in 1923. The vague character in the distance yet to be painted without a face. This shall be my Desktop Inspiration. Bartleby, it is time to paint!

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